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Why You Need a Gaming Chair and What to Look for When Buying One

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Gaming chairs have become a common accessory amongst gamers these past few years. Not only because they're ultimately comfortable, but their futuristic sci-fi design gives you this unique feeling like you're a part of something larger than life itself.

And to be fair, if you want to take your gaming skills to an entirely new level, you'll need to have all the essential accessories that a pro gamer needs - that includes a gaming chair.

Best Ergonomic gaming Chairs

But before you run to the store to claim the first one you see, here's a quick review of what you need to know before buying a gaming chair. Let's roll!

Why should you buy a gaming chair?

Besides the fact that gaming will make your set up look more badass, it's also crucial to your overall health. The human body isn't designed to sit in one spot for too long. If it exceeds a few hours, you'll begin to experience a particular electric shock on your buttocks, which is the signal that your body needs a break. Also note that Sitting for too long increases your risk of chronic health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers.

That's why gaming chairs are important; they reduce the pressure your body/buttocks exert on the seat, therefore, allowing the blood to flow freely through the legs as you sit comfortably.

Gaming chairs are also designed to allow your backrest comfortably which in turn reduces back pains and neck aches to the barest minimum. did an in depth review on this.

What to look for in a gaming chair:

Not only are gaming chairs essential to your health and comfort, but they also heighten your gaming experience and skills because some chairs are packed with features that will help you stay glued to the game for hours without getting tired. But what features do you need to look out for when getting a gaming chair? I'll explain them below:

1. Ergonomic:

Obviously, comfort is the number one reason why you've decided to purchase a gaming chair. Therefore, you should make sure that the chair provides maximum comfort so you won't have to stand up every 30 minutes to massage your buttocks and stretch your back because you've been gaming on a clunky chair with zero comforts.

2. Setup Compatibility:

You'll also need to be sure about the purpose of the gaming chair, so it'll be the perfect fit for your gaming setup; will you be using it on a console or PC?

The good thing is that most gaming chairs are made to work with a variety of gaming setup ups. Nevertheless, some styles are more suitable for gaming on a PC, while some are lower and perfect for gaming on an Xbox or PlayStation.

3. Doesn't occupy a lot of space:

If your gaming setup is in your bedroom, you probably have a few other things occupying space there like your bed, your study table, your wardrobe, and a few other things.

So, if you're going to get a gaming chair, you should get one that can fit in the allocated space you reserved for it without covering the entire room. Some chairs are quite large, so ensure you check the dimensions before placing your order.

4. Price:

Be conscious of the price tag attached to the gaming chair, and most chairs come with sub-woofers, speakers, and a few other features that add to the price tag.

If you already have a nest sound system or you use a headphone like me, then there's no need getting a chair like that. Especially If you're working with a super tight budget, get something comfortable with a cool design, and you're good to go.

5. Extra features:

Like I just said, some gaming chairs are built with some cool features to boost your gaming experience. Some come with additional speakers attached to the headrest, rumble functions, Bluetooth and headset input, and a few others.

But make sure you don't lose sight of comfort when you're presented with the chair's extra features. It wouldn't be fun if you had to sit in an annoying chair with a lot of gadgets.

6. Durability:

What's the use of buying a gaming chair if it's not going to last up to 3 months of regular use? Make sure you check the description to ensure that the manufacturer made the chair with a material of high quality so it can serve you for a relatively long time.

*Note: often, the manufacturer will specify the material, the padding (plus height/length), and any other material that will help you understand its longevity.

7. Armrests:

Buying a chair without an armrest can cause serious complications to your shoulder. Just imagine playing Red redemption II with your elbows/arms suspended in the air - R.I.P shoulders.

Your gaming chair must have an armrest, it reduces the possibility of you developing neck and wrist pain while smashing the controller in call of duty.

In my opinion, a gaming chair with adjustable armrest is the best option to boost your gaming pleasure.

8. Easy to maintain:

Gaming chairs are all made with different unique materials, and some are harder to maintain than others. If you're someone who likes his gaming setup squeaky clean, you need to ensure that your chair won’t be a pain in the ass to maintain after a couple of weeks of sweaty gaming.

Chairs covered with leather are very easy to clean; all you need is a damp cloth to wipe across the surface. On the other hand, leather also causes you to sweat unnecessary (except you have an air conditioner or industrial fan in the room).

To aid effective cleaning, some manufacturers build their chairs with removable seat pads, which makes it so much easier to wash and dry outside, just in case you want to get rid of food or sweat stains.

However, that depends on you and your budget, find the one that suits your specs and go.


To be honest, you don't need to get a "gaming chair" to be a pro gamer. It's majorly to make your setup look dope. A simple office chair will still do a perfect job of relaxing your body while you play.

However, if you've got your mind on a chair with comfort and a touch of style, then definitely get a gaming chair. It'll make your gaming set up look like the battle station it was meant to be.

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